Ukraine, L'viv Region, Truskavets City Council

Weather in Truskavets tomorrow

Tomorrow in Truskavets 30 November, Wednesday

Feels like +1°

Overcast, no precipitation

Sunrise 07:58
Sunset 16:30
Day length 08:32:45
Moon Phase First quarter
  • Night -3° Feels
    like -5°
    0% 0 mm 3 mps 94% 732 mm
  • Morning Feels
    like -1°
    0% 0 mm 3 mps 92% 732 mm
  • Day +2° Feels
    like +1°
    0% 0 mm 3 mps 94% 732 mm
  • Evening +1° Feels
    like -1°
    0% 0 mm 4 mps 93% 732 mm

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