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We combine weather data and technology to help countries, companies and people better address weather-related challenges. METEOPROG provides the ability to track meteorological information around the world.
We have been forecasting the weather for over 20 years
Excellent accuracy of calculations
Own solutions and forecast models
Meteoprog will help you assess the impact of the weather and find the best solution
170 countries
Accurate forecast for any location in more than 170 countries
Weather API
The ability to integrate weather data with a website or mobile application
Weather forecast in more than 150 thousand settlements
WRF model
Forecasting based on the WRF model and own developments
75 years
Weather archive - historical data around the world for the last 75 years
since 2003
We have been constantly improving the software complex for computer modeling of weather forecasts for 20 years
Advantages of our products and technologies
Excellent indicators of the accuracy of forecasts in combination with high requirements for the scientific base and computing power.
Accurate weather forecast
  • It is based on proprietary developments and advanced forecasting models
  • Fast, reliable and highly accurate weather data
  • Weather maps, weather charts, meteograms and much more
Weather Indicators
  • A large number of indicators: temperature, precipitation, wind, pressure, UV index and many others
  • Weather forecast for today, tomorrow, week, month and even year
Make more effective decisions
  • Get improved business performance in industries such as logistics, energy, agriculture, sports, entertainment and more
  • The best business solution - a fast and reliable weather API
About the METEOPROG project

The METEOPROG project is one of the first weather site projects that appeared in Ukraine. The project provides its users with real-time access to detailed information on weather conditions and weather forecasts in more than 150,000 cities and towns around the world for more than 15 years.

METEOPROG.COM is the global version of the METEOPROG project, which contains detailed information on weather conditions and weather forecasts in more than 150,000 cities and towns.

Weather forecast data are presented on our website in the form of forecast maps, meteograms and tables, which give a complete picture of the weather situation in populated areas for the coming weeks.

Scientific base

The basis for calculating weather forecast data is the WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) numerical weather forecast model. It is installed on a high-performance computer cluster. Our servers process data from weather stations at tens of thousands of points around the Earth every hour. This makes it possible to make the most accurate forecast for any settlement in more than 170 countries of the world.

Excellent forecast accuracy rates are combined with high demands on the scientific base and computing power. It makes the WRF model a highly effective tool. It differs favorably from most other types of forecasts, which are built on the basis of global weather models.

The detailing of the WRF calculation grid of the METEOPROG project is 27x27 km on the plains, and 9x9 km in mountainous and coastal areas. This makes it possible to obtain the most accurate forecast in places where weather changes can be significant even in the nearest points (for comparison, the step of the forecast grid is 112 km in ​ global weather models).

Ivan Kovalec
I.W. Kovalets.
METEOPROG's chief expert in numerical forecasting of weather and atmospheric pollution is the leading researcher of the Ukrainian State University of Applied Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Computer forecasting is carried out by the software complex owned by METEOPROG (STNL MEDIA INVEST LIMITED) and developed by project specialists in cooperation with the Ukrainian Center for Environmental and Water Projects (UCEWP) of the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine.

UCEWP was founded in 1999 by the Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine and employees of the Institute of Problems of Mathematical Machines and Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as a scientific, engineering and information center specializing in the development of software decision support systems for weather forecasting, hydrological regime of rivers and floods, dynamics of the coastal zone of the sea, environmental pollution, radiation safety, environmental management, water systems management).

Specialists of the center are involved in large-scale projects on mathematical modeling of the environment together with leading scientific centers of the EU, the USA and other countries, thanks to which UCEWP has a high international reputation.

METEOPROG's chief expert in numerical forecasting of weather and atmospheric pollution is the leading researcher of the Ukrainian State University of Applied Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences I.W. Kovalets. (Google Scholar).


We do not stand still and are constantly developing. The mathematical model used to calculate the weather forecast is constantly improved and refined by our specialists. This allows to increase the number of coverage cities, as well as to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts, including in such complex areas as the coast of seas and oceans, as well as in mountainous terrain.

Today, METEOPROG regional projects are working in more than 50 countries of Europe and the world. We support a special localization for each country with more convenient navigation in the country of the base and the most detailed forecasts and weather maps for this territory.

We are always ready to receive comments, suggestions and criticism from our users regarding our products and usability. We welcome all your comments and wishes at the address:

Meteoprog services
We help improve the quality of life and business efficiency, reduce the risks associated with changing weather by providing weather data and solutions based on it.
Weather forecast
We are constantly improving and strive to make our service the best in the world for many years to come. Be sure to find the most accurate forecast for your location.
Weather widget
Placing an informer on your own website is a fairly quick and simple process.
Weather API
Get weather data via API. This is an opportunity to start your own weather service.
Historical data
The data collected by Meteoprog allows you to understand how the weather has changed over time and predict weather changes in the coming days, months and even years.