About the project METEOPROG

METEOPROG project is one of the first projects of the weather forecast sites emerged in the post-soviet area. For almost 10 years the website-visitors have the opportunity to get detailed real-time information about the weather conditions and weather forecast in more than 15000 cities and places all around the world.

METEOPROG.UA website is a local version of the METEOPROG project for Ukraine, which contains detailed information about the weather conditions and weather forecast for more than 1209 cities and places in Ukraine. On our website the weather forecast is provided in weather maps, meteograms and tables that give a complete picture of meteorologic conditions in different places for the coming weeks.

Scientific base

The basis for the weather data calculations is a numerical weather prediction system WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting), set on its own high-performance computer clusters. Every hour our servers process data from weather stations on tens of thousands of locations around the globe, making it possible to provide the most accurate forecast in more than 170 countries worldwide.

Excellent accuracy figures combined with demanding scientific basis and computing power make the WRF model highly effective, profitable and different from most other types of predictions that are based on global meteomodels.

Extension of the computational grid WRF of METEOPROG project is 27х27 km in lowland and 9х9 km in mountain and coastal areas, which allows to obtain the most accurate weather forecast in places where weather fluctuations can be significant even at the nearest points (for comparison - in the global meteomodels forecast grid spacing is 112 km).

Computational prediction is held by a software suite belonging METEOPROG, and developed by experts in collaboration with the project UCEWP (Ukrainian Center of Environmental and Water Projects was based in 1999 by National Academy of Science of Ukraine and Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems (IMMSP) as a scientific, engineering and information center specializing in development of decision support systems on weather forecasts, river hydrology and flood coastal areas dynamics, pollution, radiation safety, environmental management, water systems). The specialists of the Center are involved in large-scale projects on the mathematical modeling of the environment in conjunction with leading research centers in the EU, U.S. and Russia, so UCEWP. That is why UCEWP has a wide international acclaim.


We do not stand still- we are developing all the time. The mathematical model for the weather forecast calculation is improving and updating all the time by our specialists. It allows increasing the amount of covered cities and improves the accuracy of weather forecast, including such difficult areas as seaside, oceans and maintains.

Nowadays the regional sites of METEOPROG project are present in more than 40 European countries and other countries all around the world. For each country we support a special localization for easier navigation of the home country and the most detailed for this area and weather forecast maps.

We are always willing to listen to comments, suggestions and criticisms of our visitors regarding our products and their ease of use. We look forward to your comments and suggestions at the address: info@meteoprog.ua

Contacts: info@meteoprog.ua